Recently our disposable protective clothing are hot sale. Our protective suits are sold to many countries such as UK, Japan, Canada, Malaysia etc. Customers are very satisfied with our product quality and our service from our sales team.


Product: Disposable protective clothing, protective suit

Material: Polypropylene spunbonded PE film coated nonwovens

Content: 100% polyester

Advantage: Antibacterial, Anti-static, Soft, Waterproof, Breathable

1. The entire process and raw material are up to the highest standards.

2. The fabrics, seal tapes and zippers are in accordance with national standards.

3. The protective suit is made of PP spunbond non-woven fabric laminated with PE film. The material is high in strength,soft in touch, skin-friendly,comfortable to wear, and strong in antistatic performance.

4. It has a good anti-infiltration performance,high filtering efficiency,surface moisture resistance, strength and air permeability, which allows it to effectively prevent water and dust.

Below is more information about our disposable protective clothing. 

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Protective Clothing

Protection Clothing

Protective Suit

Protection Suit

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Disposable protective clothing

Disposable Protective Suit

Disposable Protection Clothing

Disposable Protection Suit

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Safety Suit

Safety Clothes

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Disposable Medical Clothing

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Hospital Protective Suit

Hospital Protection Clothing

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Medical Protective Suit

Medical Protection Clothing

Medical Protection Suit

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Protection Gowns

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Anti-Bacterial Clothes

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Coverall Protective Clothing

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Coverall Protection Clothing

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Protective Clothing Disposable

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China Protective Clothing

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Protection apparel

Disposable Protection Apparel

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Post time: Jun-16-2020